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Sean Woodley 1.1K, William Lou 707, Ben Rogers and Ryker Richard 368, Samson Folk 291, Freddie Rivas 214 More Sheldon Alexander 208, Donnovan Bennett and JD Bunkis 188, Blake Murphy and Eric Koreen 183, Jason Leung, Andreas Babiolakis and Jay Rosales 175, Zarar Siddiqi 139, Adam Corsair 127, Barry Taylor and Nick Reynoldson 118, Kumail Jaffer 96, Jonathan Rass 91, Richard Birfer and Kevin Kocherry 86, Mike Bossetti 65, Mikey Charley and Illicit 64, Blake Murphy and William Lou 57, Sarah Kalil, Esi Magic, Alison Hope and Sonali Sharma 49, Gilbert McGregor and Kyle Irving 43, Sheldon Alexander and Andrew Webster 35, Danny Green and Harrison Sanford 31, Dan Grant and Russell Peddle 30, Akil Augustine and Matt Tierney 30, Bob McCown 29, Jordan Kligman and Craig Oliver 25, Matt Devlin and Matt Tierney 24, Hunter Surphlis 24, Andrew Zuber 21, Jordan Kligman 21, Gil McGregor 21, Andrew Damelin 18, Zach Wilson 15, Carlan Gay 15, Savanna Hamilton and Charles Kissi 14, Blake Murphy 13, Steve Gennaro 12, Umair Ashraf and Javid Lalva 12, Mike Bossetti and Brian Boake 10, Scott Rafferty and Gilbert McGregor 10, Josh Lewenberg and Gareth Wheeler 8, Katie Heindl and Yasmin Duale 6, Gilbert McGregor and Carlan Gay 6, Scott Rafferty and Carlan Gay 6, Noor and Yasmin Duale 6, Kyle Irving and Eric Fawcett 6, Carlan Gay and Scott Rafferty 5, Imman and Yasmin Duale 5, Lukas Weese 4, Scott Rafferty, Gilbert McGregor and Kyle Irving 4 Katie Heindl and Vivek Jacob 4, Sandie, Katie, Imman, Kelsea, Noor, Sarah, Sidra and Yasmin 3, Carlan Gay and Gilbert McGregor 3, Micah Adams and Scott Rafferty 3, Imman and Kelsea O'Brien 3, Vivek Jacob 3, Kelsea O'Brien and Noor 2, Katie Heindl, Kelsea O'Brien and Noor 2, Scott Rafferty and Kyle Irving 2, Katie Heindl and Kelsea O'Brien 2, Sandie, Kelsea O'Brien and Noor 2, Imman and Sarah 2, Katie Heindl and Noor 2, Kelsea O'Brien and Yasmin Duale 2, Imman and Noor 2, Noor and Sidra 2, Imman 2, Sean Woodley and Katie Heindl 2, Imman and Sidra 2, Sandie, Imman and Noor 2, Katie Heindl 2, Imman, Kelsea O'Brien and Yasmin Duale 2, Imman, Noor and Sidra 2, Kyle Irving and Carlan Gay 1, Matt Devlin 1, Sandie, Imman, Noor and Sidra 1, Sandie and Sidra 1, Sandie, Katie Heindl and Noor 1, Katie Heindl, Imman and Noor 1, Blake Murphy and Seerat Sohi 1, Katie Heindl, Imman and Sidra 1, Sarah and Yasmin Duale 1, Kelsea O'Brien and Sidra 1, Unkown 1, Noor, Sidra and Yasmin Duale 1, Imman, Sarah and Sidra 1, Yasmin Duale 1, Sandie and Kelsea O'Brien 1, Katie Heindl, Noor and Sidra 1, Carlan Gay and Kane Pitman 1, Sandie, Kelsea O'Brien and Yasmin Duale 1, Gilbert McGregor and Scott Rafferty 1, Imman, Kelsea O'Brien and Noor 1, Carlan Gay and Kyle Irving 1, Sandie and Yasmin Duale 1, Katie Heindl, Kelsea O'Brien and Sarah 1, Carlan Gay and Eric Fawcett 1, Sandie, Imman, Noor, Sidra and Yasmin Duale 1, Micah Adams, Alex Novick and Scott Rafferty 1, Fewer

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Rankings: September 2021

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