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Ben Rogers and Ryker Richard 309, Sean Woodley 231, William Lou 156, Samson Folk 138, William Lou and Alex Wong 118 More Simon Broder and Brian Hosein 68, Amit Mann 59, Freddie Rivas 40, Jason Leung, Andreas Babiolakis and Jay Rosales 38, Bart, Kitch & Deno 28, Cathryn Naiker 24, Oren Weisfeld and Adon Moss 20, Adam Corsair and Connor Chambers 18, Alex Wong 14, Oren Weisfeld 14, Amit Mann and C.J. Miles 11, Oren Weisfeld and Sahal Abdi 11, Kumail Jaffer 11, Oren Weisfeld, Adon Moss and Sahal Abdi 10, Sahal Abdi 10, Sarah Kalil and Alison Hope 10, Chris Boucher and Mike Roach 9, Adon Moss 7, Zach Wilson 6, Eric Koreen and Holly MacKenzie 5, Samson Folk and Louis Zatzman 5, Andrew Damelin 5, Brian Hosein 4, Mac 4, Sheldon Alexander and Andrew Webster 4, Zarar Siddiqi and Sahal Abdi 3, Samson Folk and Mac 3, Adon Moss and Sahal Abdi 3, Zarar Siddiqi and Oren Weisfeld 2, Savanna Hamilton 2, Samson Folk and Oren Weisfeld 2, Sandie and Imman 2, Cathryn Naiker and Louis Zatzman 2, Zarar Siddiqi and Adon Moss 1, Imman and Sandie 1, Sandie, Katie, Imman, Kelsea, Noor, Sarah, Sidra and Yasmin 1, Imman 1, Sandie, Imman and Yasmin Duale 1, Imman Adan and Asad Alvi 1, Imman Adan 1, Louis Zatzman and Oren Weisfeld 1, Cathryn Naiker and Oren Weisfeld 1, Samson Folk and Cathryn Naiker 1, Zarar Siddiqi 1, Zarar Siddiqi and Mac 1 Zarar Siddiqi, Adon Moss and Sahal Abdi 1 Fewer

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