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Ben Rogers and Ryker Richard 306, Sean Woodley 224, William Lou 167, Samson Folk 151, William Lou and Alex Wong 119 More Simon Broder and Brian Hosein 60, Amit Mann 52, Freddie Rivas 48, Jason Leung, Andreas Babiolakis and Jay Rosales 37, Alex Wong 27, Eric Koreen and Holly MacKenzie 26, Bart, Kitch & Deno 26, Cathryn Naiker 25, Nikki Reyes and Josh Lewenberg 20, Kumail Jaffer 19, Barry Taylor and Nick Reynoldson 14, Sarah Kalil, Esi Magic, Alison Hope and Sonali Sharma 11, Oren Weisfeld and Adon Moss 10, Adam Corsair and Connor Chambers 8, Oren Weisfeld, Adon Moss and Sahal Abdi 7, Andrew Damelin 7, Zach Wilson 7, Brandan Kajioka, Christian Grafen and Greg Yerashotis 6, Mac 6, Samson Folk and Louis Zatzman 6, Mike Roach and Chris Boucher 5, Savanna Hamilton and Selena Singh 4, Adon Moss 4, Ben Carlos 4, Oren Weisfeld and Sahal Abdi 4, Imman 3, Oren Weisfeld 3, Savanna Hamilton and Dhanung Bulsara 3, Sahal Abdi 3, Zarar Siddiqi and Oren Weisfeld 2, Imman and Yasmin Duale 2, Sandie and Imman 2, Umair Ashraf and Javid Lalva 2, Savanna Hamilton 2, Adon Moss and Sahal Abdi 2, Oren Weisfeld and Kyle Brickman 1, Louis Zatzman and Zarar Siddiqi 1, Samson Folk and Mac 1, Sandie, Katie, Imman, Kelsea, Noor, Sarah, Sidra and Yasmin 1, Sandie and Katie Heindl 1, Sandie, Imman and Yasmin Duale 1, Katie Heindl 1, Yasmin Duale 1, Sandie, Katie Heindl and Imman 1, Noor and Yasmin Duale 1 Katie Heindl and Yasmin Duale 1, Samson Folk and Oren Weisfeld 1, Kyle Brickman, Sahal Abdi, and Adon Moss 1, Kyle Brickman, Adon Moss, and Zarar Siddiqi 1, Louis Zatzman and Oren Weisfeld 1, Zarar Siddiqi and Adon Moss 1 Fewer

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1Raptors Rapture
3Raptors Republic
4Daily Hive
5Toronto Star

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1Mike Luciano
2Adam Laskaris
3William Lou
4Aaron Rose
5Michael Grange

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1The Raptors Show
2Locked on Raptors
4Raptors Over Everything
5Raptors Cage