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Yahoo: The Rush: Kawhi Leonard smokes the Raptors in his return to The North

9 hours ago Unknown Yahoo 0

ESPN: Kawhi has a middle-finger logo on Raptors championship ring

11 hours ago Unknown ESPN 2

Raptors Digest: Kawhi RETURNS to TORONTO - Raptors vs Clippers Reaction

11 hours ago Ben Rogers Ben Rogers YouTube 19:03 1

ESPN: Doc Rivers: Kawhi's video tribute, Raptors ceremony was the best I've ever seen

12 hours ago Post-Game Post-Game YouTube 3:30 0

Sportsnet: Nick Nurse credits Kawhi with great play in emotional return to Toronto

12 hours ago Unknown Sportsnet 0:45 0

Sportsnet: Kawhi thought fans ‘were great’ to cheer for him in return to Toronto

12 hours ago Unknown Sportsnet 0

Sportsnet: Kawhi Leonard’s return highlights Raptors’ current struggles

12 hours ago Highlights Highlights Sportsnet 0

ESPN: VanVleet: Kawhi's a good teammate and friend

15 hours ago Unknown ESPN 0

Sportsnet: Kawhi Leonard receives his championship ring from Raptors

15 hours ago Unknown Sportsnet 0:53 1

Sportsnet: Alvin Williams believes Kawhi Leonard 'gave his all' for Raptors

17 hours ago Writers Bloc Writers Bloc Sportsnet 3:47 3

ESPN: Kawhi expecting more boos than cheers in Toronto

21 hours ago Unknown ESPN 3

Sportsnet: Kawhi speaks before first game back in Toronto against Raptors

23 hours ago Unknown Sportsnet 4:49 3

Sportsnet: You can still see Kawhi’s impact up and down Raptors roster

1 day ago Good Show Good Show Sportsnet 2

Sportsnet: Clippers depth allowing them to handle Kawhi much-like Raptors did

1 day ago Unknown Sportsnet 1:15 0

Sportsnet: Are you worried Masai Ujiri will take job with Knicks?

1 day ago Tim and Sid Tim and Sid Sportsnet 3

Sportsnet: How Raptors’ bigs were major presence in win over Bulls

2 days ago Unknown Sportsnet 2:05 1

Sportsnet: Grange getting sense that Masai wants to test free agency in 2021

2 days ago Unknown Sportsnet 6

Raptors Digest: Raptors SNAP Loosing Streak - Norm Comes up BIG in UGLY Win - Raptors vs Bulls Reaction

2 days ago Ben Rogers Ben Rogers YouTube 14:09 1

Yahoo: GAME RECAP: Raptors 93, Bulls 92

2 days ago Unknown Yahoo 0

Sportsnet: Nick Nurse excited for Kawhi Leonard's return to Toronto

2 days ago Unknown Sportsnet 0:52 2

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